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How to begin services?

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   1. We will schedule a time to meet with you. We want to learn more about         you or your loved one, specific attributes, and your family/needs. We             want to know what your goals are and how we can best support you.

   2. We will review with you our process and how we can help. We will                   answer questions about what ABA services may look like for you and              what to expect.

   3. If you are ready to proceed in receiving services from us, you will sign a           provider choice form with your case manager indicating this.

Our Process:

  1. We begin with the assessment process: We spend time assessing the current skill level and taking baseline data. We additionally utilize various assessment tools and look for patterns in antecedents, behaviors, and consequences to determine the function of current behaviors displayed. (Why are they happening?)

   2. We create a plan: After interviews and assessments are complete, we develop a behavior support plan that                            incorporates the results of the assessment and your goals. We will include the determined function of behaviors and           ways to help the individual meet their needs in more socially acceptable and safe ways.

   3. We implement and teach: Your behavior consultant will review the behavior support plan with you. Families and                   caregivers will be trained on this plan to foster consistency in response by all. Behavior consultants will work with                   individuals directly to teach life skills and replacement behaviors. Your consultant will be available as a support to you           when needed and will be there to answer questions about progress and difficulties you may be experiencing. Behavior         Consultants collaborate and work with other service providers and team members to enhance quality of care overall.

Service Location:

Home Based Therapy:

We are available to provide individualized treatment in the homes of families we serve. Benefits of home-based therapy include:

  -  Access to siblings, parents, and other family members as part of their program

  -  Support to learn self-help skills in the natural environment


  -  Additional caregiver involvement


  -  Comfort of being in a familiar setting

  -  Generalization of skills learned at ABA clinics.

Community Based Therapy:

Our long-term goal is to promote independence in, access to, and overall community inclusion for all individuals. We strive to promote learning in fun and naturalistic settings. Additionally, a community-based setting may be the most appropriate environment for an individual if they are able to learn in less structured settings and/or if the behaviors occur most frequently in the community setting.

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